Chart of The Day – June 23, 2020

By: Chris Wenner in Charts 06/23/2020

MSFT’s market cap has expanded by about 50% from the lows put in during the month of March, which represents over $500 billion in added company value in 90 days.  Coming into today, MSFT is $34bn under AAPL’s current market cap of $1.555 trillion.  The equities for these two biggest companies in the world are up 23% (AAPL) & 28% (MSFT) on the year vs. the S&P down -2.56% (total return).

It doesn’t seem that long ago that AAPL broke through the $1 trillion market cap mark, followed by MSFT and AMZN.  Here we are 50% higher than those seemingly impossible market caps, and this is after a complete economic halt and global market drop.  Owning the biggest has equated to owning the best.



By: Chris Wenner

Managing Director

Jonathan Molchan

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