Chart of the Day – July 31, 2020

By: Chris Wenner in Charts 07/31/2020

The VIX Index has recently been on a path towards reverting closer to its long-term moving average (roughly 20).  Below is a 2-yr, weekly chart of the VIX.  During the start of the pandemic-fueled selling in equities earlier this year, this weekly chart saw the VIX gap up from 18.21 (bottom line) to 22.00 (top line).  Today, with markets much calmer vs. a few months ago, the VIX has retreated from over 80 to about 24.  A possible next stop down for the VIX would be around 22.00, followed by 18.  (This would only be if markets remain calm)!

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By: Chris Wenner

Managing Director

Jonathan Molchan

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